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We welcome appropriate groups to commence a Leadership Training Centre in your local Church, group pf Churches, or organization, using our comprehensive resources and many years of experience in running external training centres.

By becoming a Leadership Training Centrewe provide just about everything for you – the curriculum, full sets of notes, administrative support, feedback, encouragement, support, conferring of awards, etc. Our professional teacher powerpoints provide all the teaching materials for most subjects, meaning that the Local Church pastor does not have to search for materials, texts and other teaching resources. Our notes provide crucial extracts from classic resource materials and as such, extra textbooks are generally not required. This is beneficial to church organizations and students living in more remote locations. Bibliographical references for further study, however, are provided.

What you need to get started:

  • Students
  • A teacher
  • An administrator
  • A vision for learning

There is a high degree of flexibility and semi-autonomy in running your Training centre, including functioning under your own training name. You may refer below to some suggestions and guidelines in running a Logos approved Training Centre.  


Training Centres vary from one place to another. Below are some of the options:

  • One night a week in a classroom format.
  • Sundays (particularly if difficult to get attendance during the week);
  • Intensive format (teaching the essentials over a few days or weekends and allow the students to do the rest at home);
  • A mixed mode (eg, Sundays and Intensive);
  • A mostly Independent Study Student format with an overseer/pastor directing; and
  • full time on-campus.


You will need to decide how many subjects you want to do a year. E.g, if you decide to do 4 subjects a year (which is a ‘casual – time’ rate), you will be looking at, eg, about 2 to 2 ½ years to complete a Specialized Training Certificate (40 Credits), or about 3 years to complete a Bible College course like the first level Christian Education Certificate.

  • Four subjects annually is a good moderate pace for casual – time students allowing enough time for classes, study, reflection, and assessments.
  • Part-Time mode is about 8 to 10 subjects a year
  • Full time is about 19 per year if aiming to complete a Diploma in 2 years (though 2 ½ years may be more suitable).


It normally takes about 2 to 3 months to do one subject at a casual-time rate.

As a rule of thumb, around 10 classes of about 2 hours teaching per class is sufficient to teach a 2.5 Credit subject. Some shorter subjects may only require 8 or 9 classes, some longer ones can be up to 12 or 15, depending on how long and thorough you want to cover a subject. Some centres do 3 hours at a time.

Again, the delivery mode is flexible because the courses are designed to allow for full independent study by an individual student.

We usually recommend utilizing about 30-40 weeks a year to run your courses. You can also work around your country’s and your own church calendar, utilizing dates and times where you feel necessary. The speed in which you cover a course is up to you.

The place is negotiable, as long as it is:

  • relatively private
  • conducive for teaching
  • cool
  • comfortable
Ideally the place should have desks or tables, clear screen display via data projection, a sound system if a big class, etc. You might even want to record the teaching for future classes, or students absent.


We provide:

  • Full notes materials
  • Assignments for students to do
  • Professional Powerpoints for you to teach in classes (you are free to change and adapt them to your context)


See the Fees section of our website. Scholarships are available to students with a recommendation from the senior pastor.

Please feel free to contact us at registrar@logoscollege.org   if you have further questions.  We can also normally visit your training centre to help you along once you are started, occasionally visit or teach, or help with Graduation.