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Thank you for your inquiry. 
We strongly believe that Leadership training colleges should maintain a strong commitment to the time-honoured qualities of Bible, Christian Foundations and practical Application, without compromise, and that service to the local church, as well as to the communities we live in, is foremost. It remains a strong underlying purpose of Logos, therefore, to finely balance substance with contemporary relevance in our course materials.
Regardless of where you live, this is an opportunity for you to learn at an undergraduate vocational training level – at an individualized pace, at a convenient time for you to study, and in a personalized place. In a globalized world in which electronic data can be easily transmitted, training can now be easily communicated outside of the traditional classroom delivery formats.  Logos is fully internet enabled from initial enrolment to downloading courses, undertaking assignments, paying fees, submitting assessments and receiving your earned awards.
Our materials, subjects and courses are written in a way that is personally rewarding, very satisfying, achievable, contemporary, and user-friendly without being at the expense of really good content and proven quality. It is also something, we believe, that is consistent with more of a Biblical training genre of colleges ‘bringing training to the church,’ rather than the other way around. 

Our ‘pedigree’ is strong, operating from our Kuala Lumpur office since 2008, at the first and oldest Assemblies of God Church in Malaysia, established 1934. 
Please explore the website, and feel free to contact the Logos Registrar for further information registrar@logoscollege.org

Michael P. Dalseno


BEc(Hons), MCom, AssTh, MDiv, DMin, EdD, FCPA, MACE, APTA, OMC

MEMBERSHIPS PAST AND PRESENT:Member, Australian College of Educators; Fellow Certified Practising Accountant in Australia; Member, James Cook University Human Ethics Committee; Ordained Minister Assemblies of God in Malaysia; Officer for examining theological beliefs of AG credential aspirants Queensland, Australia; Member, Griffith University Honour Society; Supervisor/Editor for university Doctoral and post-graduate theses; member, Asia Pacific Theological Association.