Registration as an online Student requires a one time registration fee of USD 30.

Purchase of Individual Subjects depend on whether the Student is a Full Fee Student or a Scholarship - sponsored Student. See Fees section under the Course Information menu.

We accept online credit card payments from around the world (via PayPal). In the unlikely event that you need to pay offline, please read details for alternative, off-line payment instructions at the end of this page. For Church-based Leadership Training Centres, visit this section on the Home Page.

On your monthly credit card statement, your transactions will state "PayPal - Rhema College" as our appointed payment gateway. NOTE: The name of the College Paypal account is called  which is the Paypal name for Logos International Leadership College.

You can also pay in the following local credit cards:


By Cheque, made payable to:

First Assembly Of God Church, Kuala Lumpur

Send your cheque, together with your name, student registration number and other contact details to:
17, Jalan Sayor, Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

By Bank Transfer to:

Bank:  United Overseas Bank (UOB)
Account Number: 195-304-497-3

Upon completion of your payment transaction, please contact us with your bank-in details via email.

By Cash (walk-in):

Bring your cash and meet up with our college staff during office hours at:
Logos International Leadership College
17, Jalan Sayor, Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur



HOW to ENROL details:

  1. Go to the website at
  2. Click the ‘Enrol Now’ menu item on the Home Page.
  3. In the right side column, ‘Register as a Logos ILC student’ by typing in your preferred Username and Password.
  4. Then fill out the information in the ‘Student Registration Form,’ dot (click) the Course you want to do, and follow with ‘Submit Registration.’
  5. Then click ‘Purchase more subjects’ and check (click) the box for the first subject you want to do (if you have studied before, we recommend commencing with New Testament, Pentateuch I, Ecclesiology or Christology). Then ‘Click here to Purchase all checked Subjects.’
  6. You as a student will be charged the relevant fee for the subject notes and assessment (plus a once-off Registration fee to administrate your ongoing details in our system and set up your private student Portal on the web). You can pay by Credit Card on Paypal, Internet Transfer, or pay our office by cash or cheque. Paying by Paypal is the easiest and most convenient method for most students living at a distance - Just simply go to Paypal (Google their website if necessary), set up your own account by filling in your contact details, and then you are ready to purchase your subject and all future subjects. Paypal charges the College per subject payment, not the student. (You may need to go back and open a Paypal account first before proceeding with your enroment on this website).
  7. Once you have paid by Paypal/Credit Card or Internet Transfer, you will be able to download the purchased notes and assessments immediately. If you decide to pay by cash or cheque to us directly, or to your local Leadership Training Centre, you will have to wait for a short while until College admin processes your personal file before you will be able to click and download the materials.
  8. It is your choice whether or not you Print the notes and/or assessment (some people prefer to print the notes for easy reading but do the assignment electronically in portions throughout their studies).  
  9. When your assessment is completed electronically, go to your private student portal by typing in your Username and Password, and ‘Submit’ your assignment by clicking the box, and a Grade (Distinction, Credit , Pass, or Not Yet Passed) will be subsequently returned to you (normally a 2-3 week turnaround) to your private student portal on the website. We recommend that you keep a Copy of all material submitted for assessment in case it gets lost in transmission.

    1. Submitting your assignment in paper/print format is acceptable, if you prefer, by postage or personal delivery to our office. Or, by arrangement with your Local Church training Centre, all assignments may be collected from students and posted as a bulk item to us.
    2. If you do not have access to the Internet or to a computer, please contact the College (phone the Registrar Sis Michelle Tan at the office Ph 03 - 2144 6773, come personally into our office in KL, or email  or your National Office (if available) to help you enroll.
    3. If you need assistance with obtaining the Course notes and assessment, even if you do have Internet access and a computer, contact us for help or contact your Training Centre for help. Note that photocopy charges normally apply if notes and materials are printed out for you.  
    4. Need any help, advice or assistance? Please feel free to contact us.
    5. Don’t forget to ‘Logout’ from your Password-enabled Student Portal when finished with your student file each time on the website.




HOW to ENROL details

  1. Go to the website at
  2. In the right side column, 'Register as a Logos ILC student' by typing in your preferred Username and Password.
  3. Then fill out the information in the 'Student Registration Form,' dot (click) the Course you want to do and follow with "Submit Registration.' (At this point, Logos College will receive your Registration that you intend to study. No monies are payable at this stage).
  4. Next, choose the Type of Scholarship you are applying for (Logos Student Scholarship, Logos Full Subsidy Scholarship, or Leadership Training Centre Scholarship), and email us your written Statement out lining your involvement in your local church, including areas of gifting and interest, and why you desire to study one of our courses, to (see Fees section under Course Information Menu for more information)
  5. In order to obtain a Scholarship, we also require a reference from your pastor/spiritual leader outlining his/her reasons for supporting your application. (The Pastor's Reference may be sent separately by the Pastor, or you may include it with your written Statement and email together to us)
  6. The next step is to Wait until Logos ILC processes your application for a Scholarship. Within 1 - 2 weeks, we will notify you by email if your application was successful. If it was successful, you may then proceed with selecting your first subject to study and pay the required discounted (Scholarship supported) Fees. If your application for a Scholarship was not successful, you may continue with selecting your first subject to study and pay the required Full Fee.
  7. Following this, you can then proceed with selecting your first subject and paying the required Fees. Please refer to the information in steps 5 - 9 in the section above ('Full Fee Students') as the process is then identical for downloading subjects, studying your course, and receiving your grades.


 If you have any questions or problems in the application process, please email us at