cross vast distances

We are Online, enabling us to cross vast distances to serve you in your locality in the shortest amount of time.


Our subjects and courses are flexible, allowing you to study where you want, when you want. We offer courses for individual private students, and couses which can be studied through a Local Church-based Leadership Training Centre.

high quality

Our teaching materials are of high quality, and proven over many years since 1978.

personalized service

We offer courteous and personalized service, answering your queries and questions the best we can.


We are permanently based in this locality and a reputable College to identify with in the future.


Our course writers, lecturers and support staff are well-qualified, experienced and dedicated to teaching the Word.

highly achievable

Our subjects and courses are strongly based on Content, cover the essentials, and have assessments that are highly achievable with study.

noteS and materialS

We provide comprehensive notes, materials and extracts from classic texts for you to study from. No need to go searching for materials and resources.

moderate fees

Scholorship discounts are available. 


The courses are practical and relevant in helping to transform lives, and train emerging leaders, through the transforming Word.