The following subjects may be of interest to those who would like excellent study materials that are biblically and theologically correct, in brief format, and which cover the essentials in a readable and simple way.


The Author

The subject material has been prepared by Ps Don Badham, former AG Bible College Principal, Veteran missionary of over 25 years, pastor, teacher, course writer and member of various committees and church boards.   Ps Don is very highly qualified in cross –cultural communication, and with his extensive Bible and theological knowledge, is able to communicate the Word of God in a simple and accurate way without compromising the Word.
Full list of Don Badhams subjects : 
Acts | Angels | Christian Marriage and Family | Cults | End time Events | Genesis | Holy Spirit | Jesus Christ | Islam | Man | Missions | New Testament | Old Testament | Prayer | Salvation | Sin | Satan and Demons | The Bible' The Church | The Book of Revelation | The Kingdom | The History of the Church |The Life of Christ | Theology.


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Theology sample

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